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Positive Planet International

Positive Planet International thrives to create sustainable development solutions for disadvantaged populations, in particular women and youth.

In 2016, more than 2.2 billion people lived under the poverty line ($2 USD/day). Complete eradication of poverty will only be possible if the principles of a positive economy are widespread and aimed at achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”

Our news
Energie durable au Lesotho

Une journée de sensibilisation sur l’énergie durable a eu lieu vendredi dernier au Lesotho

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News from our project in Lesotho

On March 27th, the project team started the training of RSDA staff on climate change and renewable energy.

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News from the CBM project

Begun in December 2018, the CBM project is essentially based on livelihoods ...

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Positive Planet International recruits a local referent for the city of Kedougou

Positive Planet International is recruiting a local referent for the city of Kédougou as part of the project "Oser Entreprendre"

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Our project with Cocoa producers in Ivory Coast has just ended!

The objective of this mission was to strengthen the capacities of banking agents by equipping them with tools adapted to promote savings amongst cocoa farmers.

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